Communications modules

Communications modules for press work

Exhibitors from the SME sector often find it particularly difficult to attract media attention during trade fairs.

Although you can’t buy editorial reporting in Germany, professional support can significantly increase your chances of having your innovations, products and services featured in media relevant to you before, during and after the IAA.

An innovative service...

To that end, the IAA is providing a comprehensive offering to support exhibitors in trade fair-related press work. This is the first time this type of assistance has been available in this form for trade fairs. Specialists in trade fair PR from Internex Consultants + Communications will be responsible for assisting interested exhibitors and implementing the modules.

...with numerous modules

The options available cover everything from a classic, but extremely targeted press release to intensive support and guidance for press work on all aspects of the IAA, and participation in a shared press meeting on the second press day of the IAA. This takes place as part of “Components Excellence,” involving a selected group of exhibitors from the supplier industry.

We are only too happy to discuss a solution tailored to your needs before the event itself.

No. of participants: up to 20 exhibitors

Price in EURO
plus 19% VAT for German Exhibitors
1. Basic press release for IAA 2017
Creation (PDF file, German language, up to 3,000 characters, approx. 2 pages A),
(English-language version costs an additional 200.00)
2. E-mail campaign sending press release to selected target groups in the media
Distribution list: Daily, business, specialist press in Germany, in consultation
3. Creation of a press pack
Run of 50 items,
contents: Press release like 1 and other media-relevant information from other stock materials (30 - 40 editorial offices)
(English-language version on request)
4. Setting up and equipping an exhibitor press box in the press center
During press days and trade visitors days several times daily, otherwise according to requirement
5. Consultation with exhibitor to prepare press activities for IAA 2017
In-house consultation with the exhibitor (1 day)
6. Planning and realising of the complete IAA PR-Campaign
Before, during and after the show

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