General Terms and Conditions of Business of GmbH (Internex)

governing the booking of services from the programme of communications modules offered by Internex under IAA Communication Plus at the IAA 2017 (version: 01/2017)

1. Services 

The term "services" refers to all communications modules in the IAA Communication Plus programme, which the exhibitor at the IAA 2017 has ordered via

These services are subject to charges.

All terms and conditions shall apply irrespective of whether orders have been forwarded via an online order form or e-mail.

2. IAA website, networking platform

(1) For services that include data entry and publishing on the IAA website, the contracting partner shall, in the event of technical problems during publishing, allow a period of 36 hours for a problem to be rectified.

(2) Use of the online matchmaking system shall be made available to the contracting partner for self-service. In the event of technical problems with use, the contracting partner shall grant Internex a period of 36 hours to rectify a problem.

(3) The obligation to provide performance shall not apply if force majeure
 or other circumstances prevail that cannot be rectified.

 In such case the Customer shall have the statutory entitlements resulting from impossibility of performance.

3. Cancellation/amendment of services

(1) If Internex has to cancel a service for important reasons, the participant shall be entitled to reimbursement of his booking fee and/or shall be released from his obligation to provide performance. The participant may not assert any more extensive claims.

(2) Where important reasons exist, Internex shall, taking into account the exhibitors' interests, be entitled to move the communications module (in terms of location and time), to change the duration or to make changes to the process for and content of the communications module. The topics of the online tours can be altered or combined.

(3) Minimum and maximum participant numbers shall constitute guide values. The number of admitted participants may be reduced/exceeded on technical or organisational grounds.

(4) Such changes shall become an integral part of the contract when they are notified to the contracting partner and shall not entitle the contracting partner to withdraw from the order or to reduce the booking fee.
4. Press conferences, press briefings, press presentations, press releases, press distribution lists
(1) With any type of press events or press releases that are organised, produced or distributed by Internex, Internex shall not provide any guarantee concerning the number of or the qualifications of the participating journalists or media representatives or concerning the type and extent of reporting.

(2) The participating journalists or media representatives are adequately legitimated and qualified as such by virtue of their accreditation by the trade fair organiser.
Press distribution lists that are used or made available by Internex are drawn up to the best of its knowledge but do not cover all relevant media or journalists in their entirety.

5. Blocking on the IAA website
(1) If an exhibitor has been forbidden to exhibit or offer products and services or to advertise the same under a decision issued by a German court (judgement, court order) and if the exhibitor refuses to comply with the court decision and to cease offering products and services or advertising for the same on the IAA website, Internex may block the exhibitor on the IAA website and/or IAA app as long as the court decision has not been annulled by a later decision in appeal proceedings. In such a case, there shall be no reimbursement of costs for a booking (either in whole or in part). Internex shall have no obligation to examine the correctness of the court decision. There shall be no legal entitlement to blocking of the booking of the exhibitor affected by the court decision.
(2) If a court decision per No. 1 above is annulled by a later court decision issued in appeal proceedings, the exhibitor who has been correctly barred on the basis of the earlier court decision shall not be entitled to claim any damages against Internex.

6. Third-party rights
The descriptions and pictures forwarded by the contracting partner for publication on the IAA website in connection with orders must not infringe third-party rights. The exhibitor shall hold Internex harmless in respect of all claims asserted by third parties in this connection.

7. Disclosure of the contractual relationship
(1) Internex shall be entitled to provide information on the existence of the contractual relationship with the Customer, for the purposes of its own PR work. In particular, Internex shall be permitted to inform other participants in individual communications modules about the Customer's participation.
(2) The contracting partners mutually undertake to maintain confidentiality concerning the content, results and other details of the services.

8. Terms of payment, termination in the event of non-payment and insolvency
(1) After the order has been placed, the contracting partner shall be sent an invoice. All prices quoted are subject to statutory value-added tax (only orders from Germany) and are to be paid in euros. The invoiced amount shall be payable within 14 days without any deductions.
(3) Any objections to invoices must be submitted in writing within a deadline of 14 days of receipt. The contracting partner may only offset amounts against undisputed claims against Internex or against claims against Internex that have been finally established by a court of law.
(4) Performance of a service shall be subject to all outstanding and payable claims of Internex against the contracting partner having been settled in full.
(5) The contracting partner shall be obliged to notify Internex immediately in the event of insolvency proceedings against said contracting partner or inability to pay on the part of the same during the contractual relationship. Internex shall be entitled to terminate the contract by registered letter to the last known address of the contracting partner without observing any period of notice if an application for insolvency proceedings relating to the contracting partner has been filed or if such proceedings have been opened.
9. E-mail enquiries from users
By consenting to publication of the information on the IAA website, the contracting partner agrees to receive e-mail enquiries, via the system, from users of the IAA website. Internex shall assume no liability for the data, information and content used by users of the IAA website and disclaims all liability in this connection. Exhibitors shall be prohibited from using the addresses, contact data and e-mail addresses received through the use of the IAA website for purposes other than contractual and pre-contractual communication.
In particular, exhibitors must not use such data to conduct commercial advertising or to send unwanted advertising (spam).

10. Use of service providers
Service providers may be commissioned to provide customer support for services. The addresses and contact numbers of the service providers can be found under Contact at

11. Liability disclaimer
(1) Internex shall not be liable for losses caused by ordinary negligence, unless material contractual obligations are breached the performance of which is essential to achieve the purpose of the contract (breach of cardinal obligations). In the event of a breach of cardinal obligations due to ordinary negligence, Internex shall be liable only for losses that are typical for the contract and that were reasonably foreseeable when the contract was concluded.

In such a case, Internex shall not be liable for indirect consequential losses.
Internex's liability shall be limited to the scope of losses typical for the contract and to an amount of EUR 2,000.00.

(2) The above limitations of liability shall not apply if claims are made as a result of injury to life, body or health or if liability is mandatory under the German Product Liability Act [Produkthaftungsgesetz] or if a warranty has been given or if there has been malicious concealment of a defect or in the event of intent and gross negligence. 

(3) Internex must be notified of any losses immediately.

12. Assertion of claims
Claims by the contracting partner must be submitted in writing no later than 14 days after the end of the IAA 2017.
Any claims made at a later date shall not be considered and shall lapse (limitation period).

13. Recognition and elements of the contract

(1) Both contracting parties recognise these General Terms and Conditions of Business as essential elements of the contract which are binding on both parties.

(2) Any provisions in the contracting partners' terms of purchase or terms of ordering which contradict the agreements in this contract shall be ineffective unless Internex has expressly recognised in writing individual differences requested by the contracting partner.
(3) Internex reserves the right to amend and supplement the terms or any approval of exceptions to the terms; such amendments and supplements must be made in writing. In order to be effective, any verbal agreements must be confirmed by Internex in writing.
14. Place of performance and legal venue, German law

(1) The contracting parties expressly agree upon Hanover as the place of performance and legal venue for all claims and legal disputes arising from this contract, to the extent that said parties are merchants, legal bodies under public law or special funds under public law. The same shall apply if one of the contracting parties has no general legal venue in Germany.
(2) Alternatively, the special legal venue of the place of performance pursuant to Section 29 of the German Code of Civil Procedure [Zivilprozessordnung] that results from the character of the contractual obligation shall be deemed agreed.
(3) The legal venue shall also be Hanover for dunning procedures. Once the dunning procedure has taken the form of legal proceedings and the competent court for the debtor's general legal venue takes over the case ex officio, an application must be made for transfer to the competent court in Hanover.
(4) Furthermore, each party shall be entitled to instigate legal proceedings against the other at the latter's place of residence or business.
(5) If one or more of the individual provisions in these Terms and Conditions prove to be ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be prejudiced.
The contracting parties undertake to replace the invalid provisions with valid, substitute provisions which correspond as closely as possible to the economic intent of the ineffective provisions.
(6) The German text and German law shall prevail in matters of interpretation of the General Terms and Conditions of Business and all other terms and conditions.

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